About Us

We are two sisters, Paula - a photographer and an administrator - and Bruna a psychologist.

Our story begins like this: We used to sit at cafés some late afternoons to chat about our day. Thus, we learned to have and appreciate good coffee! How not to fall for such a textural, hot, and peculiar brew? Therefore, our casual tête-à-tête turned into a daily habit and due to a dearth of such establishments in our town, we had to travel to neighboring cities. It was the end of yet another summer season when we had a small commercialspace available. So we thought, “Why not a café?” The doubts were many. There was the will to undertake and the possible loss of our professional occupations. Due to our professions, we would not have enough time to fully dedicate ourselves to the new trade added to the challenge of starting a differentiated business in a town with barely over 50,000 inhabitants. We presented our project to a couple and we opted to establish a partnership.

It all seemed perfect, so we decided to put our ideas into practice! The partnership went wrong right from the start because of culture and habits incompatibility. Our proposal was to offer the different, the classic, the excellence, and a new concept of coffeehouse in Brazil. Today, Café du Centre is a reference of quality, luxury, and sophistication. It has a unique environment with its own characteristics, exclusive recipes, and art in the product presentation under European standards. Our clients enjoy an environment inspired by the charming city of Paris {France} with French music.

Today, we are able to maintain our professions and the café. We feel fulfilled and delighted because this brew that is so especial, “the coffee”, has become the art and the protagonist of our small, warm, cozy space.